cyclical cyc‧li‧cal [ˈsɪklɪkl, ˈsaɪ-] also cy‧clic [ˈsɪklɪk, ˈsaɪ-] adjective
happening in regular cycles:

• Most of the the country's problems are cyclical and will disappear as the economic recovery begins.

• seasonal and cyclical fluctuations in the demand for farm labour

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   A regular occurrence. Something that happens on a periodic basis.

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cyclical UK US /ˈsɪklɪkəl/ adjective
used to describe an event that is part of a group of events that happen in a particular order, one following the other, and that are often repeated: »

a cyclical dip/low

(a) cyclical decline/downturn/slowdown »

The retail diamond market has gone into cyclical downturn.


a cyclical high/peak/recovery


a cyclical boom/upswing/upturn

cyclical developments/factors »

The increased mobility of capital has also made exchange rates more sensitive to cyclical developments.

having a regular pattern of successful periods or increases followed by less successful periods or reductions: »

Prices are great now, but we have all seen market prices collapse, and we know that markets are cyclical.


Real estate is a cyclical business.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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